Friday, October 31, 2008

Hugh is in a hospice

Hello to all of you who care about Hugh. I want to let you know that he is now in a wonderful hospice close to our homes. Last Thursday his condition deteriorated so that he could no longer walk and in all ways he is fading from this life. He is not in any pain and he appears comfortable. He is truly in such good hands. He is surrounded by family and his much beloved wife is by his side. I took my children and his little girl in to visit today - they all happily did big floor puzzles and ate strawberries by Hugh's bedside - he's so familiar to lying on my couch with the 3 children playing around him that I thought there would be a lovely familiarity for him even though he seems to be only somewhat aware of his surroundings at times. He still has lucid moments. The children and I all chatted about what a hospice is and what dying is - such big conversations and yet so important to be had. With my other sister-in-law we are planning the ceremony we will have once Hugh has died - I thought we needed to think ahead as we may feel quite overwhelmed in the days immediately after he has dies. We will organise the ceremony and conduct it ourselves - in my home I think - and making it as child-friendly as possible - a casket that can be drawn and painted on, helium balloons. If the family all agree we will video the ceremony to keep for Karin for when she is older. We would love any of you who feel to to contribute to the ceremony. We will be using excerpts from the blog anyway. You are welcome to email any words/speech you would like made to my home email
Hugh is not religious and our family are not involved in any Christian church. However, all sentiments of any non-fundamentalist persuasion are welcome. Some in our family are Buddhists. I don't think Hugh has ever put a photo of himself on his blog so we will try to do that. Blessings to you all who have companioned Hugh throughout his illness - I know that your company has touched him greatly.
with blessings,
Catherine - Hugh's sister